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Join the “Type 1 Talk” on Facebook

November 2, 2010

JDRF’s brand new Type 1 Talk application is now available on Facebook!  With this tool, you’ll be able to create or search for events taking place in your local community on World Diabetes Day, 11/14/10. Not only can you create or search for an event, you can also join in discussions with other participants and leave messages on their profile pages. We’d like for you to talk with each other, but we’d also like to hear from you!

As part of our Type 1 Talk program on 11/14, we’ll be hosting a live broadcast presentation via UStream. We’re looking to you to help us build out our agenda for the presentation. So, what do you want to hear about?! Go to our Google Moderator page where you can submit your topic ideas and vote on them. The topics with the most votes will be the ones considered for the presentation agenda. Submit yours today!

As a reminder, we’re presenting Type 1 Talk as a way to bring together type 1 communities from across the country for an afternoon designed to spark conversation, answer questions, and build camaraderie. We hope that you’ll check out the Facebook application, leave some comments on our wall or in the discussion board, and submit your ideas on Google Moderator!

We look forward to “talking” with you on November 14th!


Visit our JDRF Dallas website!

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