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A New Year for JDRF Brings New Facts and Statistics

February 16, 2011

As every New Year begins, new facts are released concerning JDRF, research funding, Diabetes statistics and Type 1 facts. JDRF’s mission is to find a cure for diabetes through the support of research. JDRF is also committed to developing new and better treatments that improve the lives of people with type 1 diabetes in the near term and keep them healthy while we advance toward a cure. Released this week by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention is their 2011 Diabetes Fact Sheet stating that the previously estimated 23.6 million Americans with Diabetes (both Type 1 and 2 combined) has now increased to 25.8 million, or 8.3 percent of the population. The state of Diabetes is ever-changing, so use these Fact Sheets for your reference. Some of the statistics from the JDRF Fact Sheets are listed below:

JDRF’s Research Funding

  • Since its founding in 1970 by parents of children with type 1 diabetes, JDRF has funded more than $1.5 billion in research. In FY2010 alone, JDRF provided more than $107 million for type 1 diabetes research.
  • More than 80 percent of JDRF’s expenditures directly support research and research-related education.
  • In FY2010, JDRF funded research projects in 19 countries, including more than 40 human clinical trials.

The Cost of Diabetes

  • Diabetes is one of the costliest chronic diseases.
  • In 2007, diabetes accounted for $174 billion in health care costs in the U.S.
  • Diabetes accounts for 32 percent of all Medicare expenditures.
  • The nation spent $11,744 annually on each person with diabetes in 2007 compared to $2,935 on each person without diabetes.
  • Americans with diabetes incur medical expenses that are approximately 2.3 times higher than those incurred by Americans without diabetes.
  • U.S. hospital stays related to diabetes totaled $58.3 billion in 2007.
  • An estimated 22 percent of hospital inpatient days in the U.S. were incurred by people with diabetes in 2007.

This disease controls our lives with all the pricking of the fingers, shots, high and low blood sugars; it’s like being on a seesaw. Without a cure, we will be stuck on this seesaw ’til the day we die.  — Tre Kawkins, 12, Michigan

View the new Fact Sheets online or visit the JDRF Dallas Homepage for a printable PDF version.


To learn more about the JDRF Dallas chapter, visit our JDRF Dallas website!

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