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Camp Sweeney: Spring Newsletter

April 21, 2011

Spring into Sweeney with the Camp Sweeney Spring Newsletter!

Summer at Sweeney is just around the corner and the counselors are pumped. Camp Sweeney’s tree-studded acreage has a natural outdoor beauty enhanced by the excellent quality of its recreational, living, dining, and medical facilities. The campgrounds include eight air conditioned camper cabins and an endless array of Camp Activities on a beautiful 34-acre lake. An on-site cafeteria, camp hospital, and testing laboratories give your child access to around-the-clock nutritional and medical supervision.

Want to learn more about Camp Sweeney?

Check out the Camp Mission or A Day at Camp Sweeney.

JDRF is sharing this information about Camp Sweeney as a resource for your family. JDRF does not promote any one specific camp over another and encourages all of our families to do their research to find the camp that is best for their child living with diabetes.

Last year, JDRF partnered with the Diabetes Education Camping Association (DECA) to promote diabetes awareness, diabetes camping programs and diabetes research worldwide.

While searching for a cure is our number one priority, JDRF is also committed to improving lives and this includes emotional health.

Diabetes Camps help children and families with diabetes lead healthier, happier, and more productive lives through good diabetes management. Their work is unparalleled in motivating and supporting children with diabetes and their families to stay on top of diabetes management everyday. Please visit the DECA website to learn more about Diabetes Camps that you might be interested in.


To learn more about the JDRF Dallas chapter, visit our JDRF Dallas website!

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