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May 10, 2011

JDRF announces an exciting change in the way you will be receiving Life with Diabetes stories! Beginning this week, JDRF’s Life with Diabetes stories are now part of our online Countdown publication.
You’ll find the same inspiring lifestyle stories and interesting Q & A, only now they’ll be on the Countdown site so that you can enjoy all the other resources at the same time. Once you’re on the Countdown site, and just look for the Life with Diabetes section. Take a peek at this month’s articles below!

Type 1 Diabetes Knows No Age – JDRF supports adult type 1 community

Here at JDRF, we believe that support for the type 1 diabetes community shouldn’t be limited to just one stage of life – we continue supporting individuals with type 1 through marriages, the growth and changes in their family lives, different careers and travels, and even complications they may face. For this reason, JDRF has been expanding its efforts to ensure that we meet the needs of adults with type 1 diabetes. [Read More]

From One Parent to Another — How to handle a preschooler’s diagnosis

Question: I have a four-year-old who was diagnosed just last week with type 1 diabetes. I am struggling with whether to put him back into preschool (and if so, when). We are continually adjusting his insulin and he’s experiencing many highs and lows. The preschool is willing to learn about his disease, but with his blood sugar swinging all over the place, I’m really worried that it would be unsafe to return him to a classroom with 22 other kids. Any suggestions? I have a flexible schedule, but I don’t want to be too overprotective. What have others done? [Read More]

Zip the Cure — Determined teen fights type 1 diabetes one zip code at a time

Monica Oxenreiter, of Pittsburgh, PA, is not only a teenager living with type 1 diabetes – she’s also the brains behind Zip the Cure (ZTC), a campaign that defines creative fundraising. The simple but powerful idea behind the program is to raise $100 in every zip code in the nation to fund type 1 diabetes research. Add up $100 from every zip code and that’s a remarkable goal of $4.2 million! And if you think there’s no way to begin tackling that big of a goal, think again – the campaign’s already raised more than $60,000 since launching on November 14, 2009 (World Diabetes Day). [Read More]


To learn more about the JDRF Dallas chapter, visit our JDRF Dallas website!

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