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Join the Team: JDRF Families Share Their Success

July 7, 2011

The Walk to Cure Diabetes is the fastest growing fundraiser event in the history of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). Each year more than 500,000 people walk to cure diabetes – including representatives from more than 10,000 families and 4,000 large corporations and local companies. Walkers raise funds by asking friends, relatives and co-workers to sponsor them for participating. We would like to invite all of you to join us for this year’s JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes on Saturday, September 24 at Victory Plaza in Dallas and Granite Park in Plano. A great way to learn more about JDRF and the Walk to Cure Diabetes, is to attend our JDRF Walk Kick-Off Event on Thursday, July 21Get all the details… This is a FUN event for the whole family that you will not want to miss!!!

In the meantime, we wanted to share with you some stories of success from some of our local Family Teams on how they build their team and what the Walk experience means to them:    

Laura Houston & Nate Houston with Pod

Team Super Nate had over 100 walkers and raised more than $12,000! 

We use social media as our #1 way to raise awareness and bring in donations for our Walk team. We had donations from friends of friends, friends of our parents’ friends, and friends we hadn’t seen in 20 years. We continually updated our family blog and Facebook statuses, and tweeted for donations. We also assembled a large Walk team, not only to show support for our son but also to have each walker ask for donations, since every dollar counts! We were able to exceed our goal by hosting fundraisers at restaurants and acquiring several corporate sponsors. It’s not always easy to ask people for money but when I think about the 40 children who will be diagnosed every day until we find a cure, it is easy to raise my voice and ask anyone and everyone to help. —Laura Houston (Nate’s Mom)    

Check out our resource sheet on Using the Social Networking Sharing Opportunity Links

Reid's Rangers

Reid’s Rangers had 30 walkers and raised more than $16,000! 

Our Walk letter goes out early every year to everyone we come in contact with throughout the year – business contacts, baseball teammates, friends, family, and neighbors. We share our story with as many people as we can to educate others about diabetes. And we’re always amazed and humbled by how Reid’s story touches people, even those we wouldn’t expect. In the end, everyone can relate to a struggle. And life with Type 1 diabetes can definitely be a struggle. We have found that people really want to help and this Walk connects us in a really tangible way. They pass our Reid’s Rangers team link on to their contacts and we receive donations from incredible people who don’t even know us personally. That is the amazing reach that JDRF gives us through this Walk.—Dena Plumer (Reid’s Mom)

See more tips on writing a successful Family Walk Team Letter


Marissa's Mustangs

Marissa’s Mustangs had over 104 walkers and raised over $9,000! 

We share Marissa’s Walk newsletter with as many people as possible knowing that someone new will be touched by her story. We have taken her newsletter to local stores and asked if they would consider a JDRF Sneaker program or other custom program tailored for their store. We have had success encouraging others to create their own fundraising sub-teams through Walk Tracker. Corporate matching has been encouraged. This past year, Marissa wrote her own newsletter, and we created a YouTube video. In the past, we organized a school walk. We have reminded others of successes from their past donations which have impacted meaningful research. Our past supporters receive 2 or 3 “team updates” during walk season which serves a dual purpose (1) excites families who are planning to participate and (2) subtly helps remind past supporters who might have forgotten to sign-up or donate this year. ~Ken Conway (Marissa’s Dad) Marissa’s Mustangs has participated in 5 walks with anywhere from 71 walkers to 136 and has raised over $95,000 for JDRF!!! 

See additional tips and advice… How to Create a Video Flyer. Make a Difference at Your School by Hosting a School Walk, JDRF Sneaker Campaign

Team Liam

Team Liam had over 40 walkers and raised over $15,000! 

Last year was our first JDRF walk, and we were unsure of the level of support we would get since we had recently moved away from family and friends to a new area. We were surprised how many people were willing to walk with us and help raise funds- it just took letting them know that the support of them being there would mean so much to Liam. His soccer team and several of our neighbors joined us, as well as several families we’d met through a local play group. We were able to reach out to family and friends out of the area by creating a walk video that we sent out through email and social networking websites. We were happy to have so many walkers and raise over $15,000 in our first year alone. We can’t wait to do it again this year! – Jessica Turner (Liam’s Mom)

See JDRF’s Top Ten Tips for Fundraising

We’re Here to Help

Whether this is your first year or fourth year participating in the Walk to Cure Diabetes you can always use the many resources that JDRF has available for you. Check it out…

Registration Website Help – NEW!

Sample Letters/Newsletters/Videos

Other Great Resources


To learn more about the JDRF Dallas chapter, visit our JDRF Dallas website!


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