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FREE Diabetes Education Classes from Insulin Forward

August 9, 2011

Whether you are newly diagnosed, a friend or family member of someone living with type 1 diabetes or was diagnosed years ago, Insulin Forward, a new program from Medtronic, offers FREE local diabetes education classes taught by Diabetes Educators who provide you with information about the latest insulin management strategies and tools. They also give you the chance to get answers to your most important questions about diabetes.

Not able to attend a class or looking for some immediate advice?

Check out their online Learning Center!

Each physician-endorsed Insulin Forward class consists of two class sections separated by one week.

Section 1 focuses on the basics of diabetes, blood glucose monitoring, and carbohydrate counting.

Section 2 focuses on advanced carbohydrate counting techniques, intensive insulin therapy, and technology advances.During the week between sections, you’ll have time to practice your carbohydrate counting while maintaining contact with your instructor.

At each session, you’ll find a small class size and a warm and supportive atmosphere. Insulin Forward will provide everything you need. You’ll learn:

  • How to develop a realistic insulin management strategy.
  • Which new technologies can be most helpful for your specific goals.
  • Why your physician is a key player in mastering diabetes.
  • How nutrition should factor into your strategy.
  • Which specific pitfalls to avoid as you manage insulin.

Your caregivers and loved ones are an important part of your care. Please feel free to bring them with you. Find an upcoming class in your area and register today at the Insulin Forward website.

Have questions about Insulin Forward classes? Check out their FAQ’s Page!

*JDRF does not endorse any product or service.


To learn more about the JDRF Dallas chapter, visit our JDRF Dallas website!

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