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JDRF Launches New Adult Type 1 Toolkit

September 7, 2011

JDRF has created a new toolkit for adults as part of its efforts to reach all people living with type 1 diabetes. Building on the organization’s popular toolkit for newly diagnosed adults, the new Adult Type 1 Toolkit focuses on issues faced by adults who have been living with the disease for a longer period of time.

Written by adults with type 1 diabetes, the Adult Type 1 Toolkit is a comprehensive guidebook that addresses challenges that arise beyond the initial period of diagnosis. It provides support for a number of significant life circumstances that impact adults who are living with type 1 diabetes. These topics include workplace concerns, insurance questions, blood glucose management issues, and considerations about planning a family, among others.

The Adult Type 1 Toolkit includes:

• Tools for adjusting to various situations and life stages

• Tips for managing day-to-day life with diabetes

• Practical medical information

• National and local resources

• Discussions on the disease’s economic, psychological, and social impact

• Diabetes research information and history

 The resources provided in this toolkit illustrate JDRF’s support of the type 1 diabetes community – and the organization’s unwavering commitment to the 85 percent of individuals with type 1 who are age 20 or older. About half of the 30,000 new cases of type 1 that are diagnosed each year are adults over the age of 18. The Adult Type 1 Toolkit is designed to be a resource to address many of the issues that adults living with type 1 might encounter in their lives. However, because many issues are personal and require individual assistance, the toolkit also provides other sources of information, including how to locate diabetes healthcare professionals, support groups, and online resources. Readers can also find information about local JDRF chapters in the toolkit.Looking to the future, JDRF plans to create additional toolkits that focus on specific life stages. “JDRF is proud to launch its newest toolkit to expand our efforts to reach adults living with type 1 diabetes,” says Andrea Hulke, director of national outreach for JDRF. “This disease knows no age and we are looking forward to creating more resources to support the needs of people with type 1 at any time in their lives.”

Visit JDRF’s Adults page to download the latest edition of the Adult Type 1 Toolkit and the previous edition for newly diagnosed.


To learn more about the JDRF Dallas chapter, visit our JDRF Dallas website!

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