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JDRF Special: FREE Medical Emergency Membership Offer for Children with Diabetes

October 25, 2011

myICEShield is a state of the art Personal Emergency Information Management System specifically designed to save and restore lives for families on the go. EMTs and medical professionals, as well as police, are trained to look for ICE (In Case of Emergency) in life threatening situations. Though the membership consists of a full menu of protective services and products under the myICEShield umbrella, the centerpiece is a totally secured health records archive that can be accessed 24/7 worldwide.

Protect Your Family 24/7 for Medical Emergency and JDRF gets 10% Back in Revenue to Fund Diabetes Research!

myICEShield is pleased to offer JDRF Greater Dallas Chapter supporters the following special pricing with 10% going back to JDRF to fund important diabetes research:

  • All JDRF supporters will receive a 25% discount off myICEShield’s online pricing (Use Special Discount Code: 5BNORL)
  • All supporters who have a child living with diabetes in their household, will be offered a 25% discount and an additional membership for free for their child with diabetes (Use Special Discount Code: 5FIURL)
  • IMPORTANT:  For example, a household containing a couple and two children, one of which has diabetes, would only order one “Couples” and one “Additional” membership for their other child. The free membership for the child living with diabetes will automatically be included in the order by using the appropriate discount code (5FIURL), even though the free membership will not show up in the shopping cart.
  • For more details about myICEShield and to take advantage of this special JDRF offer, please visit the myICEShield website.
  • Questions? Please contact Bill Badeaux with myICEShield at or (972) 756-9400.

Lack of Information in an Emergency is Deadly.

Following heart disease and cancer, lack of information in an emergency situation is the third leading cause of death. Approximately 120 million people visit the ER annually yet 95% are unprepared as to how to get life saving information when we’re not in charge or able to speak for ourselves. Information that you have type 1 diabetes, that you are allergic to penicillin or can’t have an MRI due to metal implants are all important for your caregivers to know in the early minutes of care.

In addition to its health records system, myICEShield provides inclusive ID Monitoring, ID Theft Protection, a Private Vault as well as Missing Persons Alert and predator Protection turnkey services at the touch of a button; all for one annual cost.

You will not find a better or more comprehensive product with easy usability and the foolproof safety protection of Kroll, a risk consulting company, as a partner to deliver the same Department of Defense privacy protection and usage safety standards. Better than Lifelock, better than hospital or insurer record plans that do not universally apply to all hospital systems or plans; make sure YOU and YOUR FAMILY are safe no matter where you go, because emergencies happen and information of time matter and could save you or your loved one’s life.


To learn more about the JDRF Dallas chapter, visit our JDRF Dallas website!

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