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Prepare for Family Health Emergencies: 25% off to JDRF Friends

December 8, 2011

As parents of T1D children know firsthand, instant accessibility to personal health records are crucial! However, the same holds true for everyone as accidents are medical emergencies can happen to anyone.

Unfortunately personally managing this information can be a real chore as they are scattered among the many healthcare providers you use, and worse are not instantly available in case of an emergency. In a medical emergency, time is of the essence and a “myICEShield” membership can be a lifesaver. It secures ALL your personal health records in one place and makes them available instantly, anywhere in the world. With the further ability to contain “permission to treat” forms when you can’t be with your child in a medical emergency, this service is becoming an absolute necessity, especially for those with diabetes. However, we recommend this for all families, with or without known illnesses as it’s not a question of if you’ll ever need this service, but when!

Be in control of your and your family’s medical information:  

  • You and your healthcare providers compile and maintain all relevant health information on state-of-the-art secured servers
  • You’ll have complete control of what information goes in and who sees it in advance of any emergency
  • Personal health information is available instantly anyway in the world online or via phone.

Besides protecting your health, myICEShield is designed to also secure all aspects of your family’s lives. This includes the most advanced identity theft protection and restoration service plus a state of the art online personal document management system. And the greatest part is this already affordable service is being offered to JDRF supporters this month for a 25% discount, which also includes a free membership for your child living with type 1 diabetes! In addition, myICEShield will also be making a generous donation to JDRF for each membership sold, so please urge your friends and relatives to check this out.

To sign up or learn more, go to the myICEShield website. Don’t forget to use the below applicable JDRF discount codes to receive your discounts and free membership for your T1D child.

5BNORL – To receive a 25% discount

5FIURL – To receive a 25% discount plus a free membership for your diabetic child


To learn more about the JDRF Dallas chapter, visit our JDRF Dallas website!

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